About us

The Founders

Hannah, Founder. The idea of Sober Butterfly flew in Hannah’s head and the idea blossomed into what it is today. She is a natural social butterfly and wanted to show others that a sober social life is possible. Read more about Hannah’s Metamorphosis here.

Molly, Co-Founder. Molly is the creative marketing geek who flew at the chance of getting stuck in and working on a project that is so close to her heart. Read more of Molly’s collection of thoughts.

Katy, Co-Founder. Katy is the calm and spiritual entity that SBC relies on, her thoughts, understanding and advice is the foundation that makes us who we are. Read more about Katy’s story: The end was simply my beginning.

Laura, Co-Founder. Laura is the holistic creative behind Sober Butterfly inspired by our wondrous universe. Her illustrations, designs and artworks are the colourful wings that make up who we are. Read more about Laura’s story: She Belongs here.

Sober Butterfly Collective story

Sober Butterfly was born in the Great Pause of 2020 and was developed to promote the positives to enjoying a sober lifestyle, by revitalising your mental health and wellbeing whilst maintaining a glittering social life – we are reinventing the definition of sober and showing how you can live life to the fullest and most colourful without alcohol. 

You’ve heard of a social butterfly – meet sober butterfly.  Join the community with socials, advice, tips, real life stories and more – we invite you to spread your wings and fly into a sober social life.

Whether you are just dipping your wings as sober-curious or early to the alcohol- free journey, we invite you to join in becoming a sober butterfly. 

The founders have over 1,460 sober days (and counting)  behind them and would love to support others so they don’t feel alone. Their sobriety brought them together online, yet their passion for life kept them together and they would not be where they are today without each other’s support. 

Your story 

Our community is not about us, but about you and celebrating your sobriety lifestyle with a little help from us. 

Remember to FLY – first love yourself. 

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