Getting through a sober festive season

We find ourselves well and truly in the thick of festive season, but this year we are all facing a Christmas like no other. Our plans might look slightly different to usual, but staying sober is our top priority.

It is all too easy to feel suffocated by the constant mulled wine and liquor hot chocolates (I mean why ruin a lovely hot chocolate?!)  gin advent calendars, glittery vodka baubles and drunk infused greetings cards. 

We seemed to be bombarded by great deals on cheap booze in the supermarkets and adverts showing the perfect Christmas always contains bottles of port alongside the cheese selection. Seemingly the best way of dealing with such a tough year is by drinking alcohol and forgetting our problems – but of course we know better as we choose sobriety.

This time of year can feel very overwhelming, but not if you are prepared.

Get organised

This sounds futile but it’s essential. If you know the venue of a Christmas work do in advance, you can ring ahead and find out what exciting alcohol-free options they have for you, if they don’t then request something when you get there (don’t be scared to ask!)

If you’re visiting family, be sure to always take your own drinks so you know there is something delicious for you to drink.

Have you tried our cosy mulled cider and marvellous mulled wine recipes yet?

Don’t be scared of leaving early

Christmas day can often drag out too long, with relatives falling asleep in their paper hats after too much sherry. It is okay to leave early and retreat home, or politely order taxi’s for your guests.

Be the driver

Being the designated driver has many blessings as it not only gives you a crutch to lead on if people are pushing you on why you’re not drinking, but also allows for a quick getaway if needed.

Dress up

This year has brought many days of PJ’s and loungewear, our lipstick collection is starting to gather dust – so there is not better excuse than to get dressed up this Christmas. Why not put on your favourite party dress, expensive make up you’ve been saving and style your hair: the full works. Even if its just you and your parents round the dinner table this year, getting dressed up in something you feel great in will allow your confidence to shine, setting yourself up for a great time.

Look at the positives

Yes it might feel like you are the odd one out by not finishing off another bottle of fizz, but actually if you keep in mind the positives of your sobriety: like you’re more likely to win all of the games,  you won’t eat too much and you will enjoy Boxing Day more with a clear head and a good night’s sleep.

Be kind to yourself


I hope these tips go a little way towards easing your mind about the festive season – as if this time of year wasn’t hard enough for some.

Remember to FLY: first love yourself and if you ever need a boost and some extra support, Sober Butterfly Collective have got you.

Co-Founder, Sober Butterfly Collective

N.B – A reminder that we aren’t professionals and only share our own advice & tips. If you feel you do need to seek professional help then please refer to these resources below: 


Alcohol Change UK


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