Protecting sobriety during lockdown.

Following Saturday evenings announcement, it is understandable to feel that familiar ache at the pit of your stomach return again, the same one we all felt back in March (and a few times since then)

As the trees start to shred their colourful leaves in preparation for winter, so must we prepare ourselves and our colourful, changing emotions for a month lockdown in the UK.

Our sobriety is a glistening gift that we cherish and sometimes it’s easy to forget how hard we sometimes have to fight to keep it protected and intact. Yet other days we are reminded of how tightly we must hold onto it to stop from shattering.

Whether you are early in your sobriety or a novice, life can still hand us a test that our sobriety must pass and as Boris Johnson uttered the words on Saturday evening, we felt that test had begun.

Remind yourself how strong you are.

Here we share our tips and advice on how to protect your sobriety during this difficult time.

(N.B: Just a reminder that we are by no means professionals, we only draw off our own experiences and use this to help others. All of our Founders have benefited from different forms of therapy, but everyone is different. If you feel you do need to seek further help, then we strongly recommend using some of the resources below.) 

1. Know that this too will pass. Remember that you made it through 100% of your worst days to date, and that includes the first national lockdown. If you’ve got this far with your sobriety intact you are doing a great job. You are strong.

2. Recognise your weak points and make a plan. Perhaps this is in the evening after a busy day, when that 6pm voice starts in your mind again. Always have a plan for this, so you can attack it head on – whether it’s with a tasty alcohol-free option, Facetime with your pal or a yoga session.

3. Find another output. Whether this is running, walking, yoga, sex, reading or a bubble bath – find another way of releasing any stresses built from the day, or tackle any cravings.

4. Treat yourself to sweet treats to ease the sugar cravings. In the early days of sobriety the sugar cravings hit hard, and in fact they do often make regular appearances. It’s all about knowing how to handle them, and to actually allow yourself to give in. Why not make yourself a delicious hot chocolate with all the works, or spoil yourself to a sumptuous dessert. Or if a fizzy drink is all you need to hit the spot, do whatever works for you.

5. Make a list, check it more than twice. Draw up a list of everything you feel grateful for, thankful for and are proud of. Keep the list next to your bed, or pinned up on your mirror so you can remind yourself every day of your inner strength and how well you are doing.

6. Understand the importance of rest. You should never need a reason nor never feel guilty for making time to rest. Sleep and rest are crucial for the core functionality of our bodies and its what helps us thrive. So settle on the sofa under a blanket with a good book.

7. Reach out and ask for help. Please always chat to others if you are struggling and know that you aren’t on your own. Sober Butterfly Collective is about YOU and we are always at the end of an Instagram message to support you if you need it.  

8.  Your body & mind is thanking you. At a time when staying healthy and looking after ourselves is paramount, your body is thanking you every day you don’t drink. Your mental health is also much better off in the long run. There are never benefits to drinking.

9. Never underestimate the power of nature. Nature heals and cleanses your mind and fresh air can do wonders to our mood. Often all it takes is a short walk outside to clear your mind and gain a fresh perspective. Cherish this time outdoors over the next few weeks, it is a gift.

10. Stay connected, but be choosey. Social media is a fantastic tool to stay connected and to not feel isolated, however be selective and choosey with who you decide to connect with. Only choose people who inspire you and make you feel good.  It is also important to take time away from the screen, like before bed and first thing in the morning. Perhaps you need something to look forward to, why not book onto our online Mindful Doodling workshop on 13 November – visit our sober socials page for more details.

11. Be kind to yourself, always. It is a really tough time at the moment and everyone is struggling in their own way. What you are doing is a challenge under normal circumstances, so you should allow yourself lots of extra bonus points and credit to be sober during a global pandemic.

12. No matter how overwhelming and scary this all feels, just think how much worse this would be with a hangover.

 We hope you find these tips and advice useful and remember that we are here to support you. 

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N.B – A reminder that we aren’t professionals and only share our own advice. If you feel you do need to seek professional help then please refer to these resources below: 


Alcohol Change UK