Super sober socialising ideas

This is written at a time when unfortunately due to COVID-19 restrictions that are in place throughout the UK,  the Sober Butterfly Collective launch party has had to be postponed twice already – and it is not looking like it will take place anytime soon. 

However we will be ready to party when it is safe to do so and in the meantime we are busy working to create some online socials which we hope you can join us for. Please keep an eye out on our sober socials page as well as our Instagram for further updates. 

It can sometimes feel like the world is obsessed with alcohol: It’s on our tv screens, advertising suggests it’s something we need to lead glittering social lives, but Sober Butterfly Collective are changing this conversation and showing that you can of course fly into a colourful sober social life.

Successful sober socialising is often just about changing up the situation away from clubs and bars, to coffee and brunch; ensuring you are prioritising quality over quantity. No more average parties with people you don’t like, but more insightful conversations and laughter over an expensive coffee.

Here are some of our favourite sober socialising suggestions:

1. Fall back in love with coffee shops

Thinking back to being a 13 year old, just being on the cusp of looking old enough to get served for cheap cider – I would frequent the local Starbucks with my gal pals every Saturday, sometime staying for hours gossiping, laughing, prank phoning the boy we fancied on our Nokia’s, it was a special time before we all discovered alcohol. The coffee shop became our sanctuary where we could be ourselves. It is now time to rediscover the joy of the coffee shop (albeit perhaps upgrade to a fancier independent place) even better is to seek one out that doesn’t have an alcohol licence, and arrange to meet your favourite people and order an expensive, perfectly made drink and relax.

2. All about brunch

We’ve probably all stumbled out of a sophisticated establishment after consuming bottomless brunch, but now is the time to really appreciate every moment. Book in an early slot with your favourite people, (as now you don’t drink, you bounce out of bed early ready for the day ahead) order a delicious brunch and savour every mouthful without alcohol tainting the flavour.

Treat yourself

3. Walking and talking

Being outdoorsy isn’t everyone’s thing – however going for a walk with a pal is one of my favourite things to do, even if it’s just around the local park. Walking naturally encourages conversation, and what better way to while away a few hours than chatting and walking off some of that brunch too! (Plus this is a Covid-friendly activity!)

4. Try something new

Now that you have gained all of this free time that was once spent having a sore head in bed, you can treat yourself doing something for you. Trying something new with someone lovely like a yoga or exercise class, arty workshop or bookclub – the perfect way to forget booze even exists. 

5. Treat yourself

Sometimes you need to remind yourself how great you are, and what you are doing is fantastic. Never forget the Sober Butterfly Collective motto to FLY: first love yourself, and part of this is to treat yourself now and again and why not turn this into a social occasion. Whether this is on a shopping spree, a cake date with a friend or a spa treatment with your mum.

It goes without saying that a big part of what Sober Butterfly Collective is made up of is being social with like-minded people, and this is an important part of any sober journey. Be sure to stay in touch with us on Instagram for all social announcements.

Co-founder, Sober Butterfly Collective

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